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The author holds a master’s degree from La Sapienza, department of communication and sociological research, and is a member of the American Psychology Association . From a book with the title “The Dating Playbook For Men” I was expecting a lot of techniques and dating strategies. There are some, but it falls a bit short in the nitty gritty in my opinion. I couldn’t help but nod and confirm that this is a small but genius advice. More than one woman told me that wouldn’t have drank if I didn’t make the drink in front of them or opened a new bottle. Very quick interactions with phone numbers, says the author, don’t go anywhere.

Principles and tactics to apply in order to become a “grounded man”. What I also really enjoyed about the book was that it wasn’t so philosophical and didn’t stay to high level. It was actually very tactical and gave great scripts and steps that anyone can apply right away. I think having an action plan is the 2nd half to learning. True learning is accomplished by doing, and having a plan makes it easier to do.

Lucio’s approach combines science, first-hand experience & critical analysis. He believes that you can only teach social strategies if the three go together. The author has a good grasp of psychology and psychology of dating. The author recommends for dates in the evening or night, going for happy hour, yoghurt or coffee.

He recommends bars and clubs because that’s where you get the highest density of women and where you can get the most interactions per hour. Some men try to talk women’s off on how good they are, or “trying to show higher value” like some pick up artists say. The author says that you shouldn’t prove yourself to women. If you have read models by Mark Manson a lot of this advice will sound familiar. I really enjoyed listening to this book as I personally would like to be better at approaching people. I found this book to be really engaging and I learnt a lot.

My only disappointment is not in the content but the quality of the audio book. He rushes his sentences and the editing seems like it was done by a beginner. If you can look past that it is a great and motivating listen.

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The EXACT conversational strategies that will help you capture any woman’s attention and spark instant attraction – even IF you’re not attractive, ripped, rich, or famous.

Your mindset and approach to dating is crucial to your success. This video is your first step to finding love. I have achieved a certain level of success in my personal career – I’m a partner at a big lawfirm.

Browse our wide selection of new and gently used books – textbooks, children’s books, mystery books, novels, book series, fiction, non-fiction, hard-to-find books, and out-of-print books. He also He speaks to college and high school students in San Diego on college, career and chasing passion. Whether you’re single, dating, or been married for years, dating and attracting women is a critical skill all of us need to develop. Why 93% of the most common dating advice you hear is dead wrong and the TRUTH about what women actually respond to. In order to date higher quality women, you’ll need to become a higher quality man.

To get inside her head, so we can know what she’s really looking for. This audiobook will teach you how to meet women online. You’ll learn how to avoid the typical online dating pitfalls that are keeping you from finding the woman of your dreams. My guest today, Andrew Ferebee, shares with us how to develop strength and confidence in ourselves, approach women naturally, and how to improve your dating game. Guide to dating the women you want and living the life you deserve. Proven steps and tactics to escalate your interactions, create sexual tension, and build an abundant dating life where high quality women are chasing you.

Opening that already so I pick this book up because after I bought Mystery Method and this one just came up under recommended. Again, it has good reviews and it seems very interesting. Since the theme of the month is attraction, dating, and pickup, this one seems like it would be a good starting book. “Unveiled at last, a simple proven playbook to go from being a frustrated single man to having the woman of your dreams.

The EXACT conversational strategies that will help you capture any woman’s attention and spark instant attraction–even IF you’re not attractive, ripped, rich, or famous. In the spirit of full transparency, this blog utilizes affiliate links as an Amazon Associate. When you use the links provided, this blog earns commissions from qualifying purchases. At no extra cost to you, these help support the cost of maintaining this blog.

Andrew says that before getting into seduction and women, you should focus on your social skills and your understanding of social dynamics. That’s not to downgrade the value of the book. This dude knows what he is writing about and he lives the life of a very good seducer and entrepreneur. If you want to get laid, find a high quality girlfriend and live a better life. This book will help you level up your mindset and become more confident in social situations. This author spends 90% of the book explaining theory.

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