The release of Javier Delgado has been produced ex officio by the instructor himself, without being requested by the Prosecutor’s Office or the defense of the person involved. A little over a month ago, the Seville Court confirmed his provisional prison situation, in a car in which he revealed that the telephone jabs had corroborated that Javier Delgado seemed to give his younger brother instructions on how he should behave in the face of the advance of police investigations. In one of those telephone interventions, Javier commented to Miguel: “Don’t say anything, the Police have nothing,” a phrase that the investigators revealed about the degree of knowledge of the facts by Javier Delgado.

In favor of this implicated there is a police report on the record of calls made the night of the murder and that would apparently prove his alibi, since Javier Delgado telephoned his ex-wife at about 9:01 p.m. from the antenna of the Carmona road, nearby to her address, with whom he then dined in the company of their daughter.

Javier Delgado had been in provisional prison since February 19 and the judge imprisoned him after the 15-year-old minor who is also interned in a center placed him on the floor of León XIII street in the moments after the murder, implicating him also in the work to hide the body.

The minor, who later retracted the accusation and assured that the statement had been fabricated when “feeling pressured” by the Police, affirmed that when he arrived at the home accompanied by Samuel Benítez Pérez, the main defendant was finishing wrapping Marta’s body in a blanket or similar, in the presence of Javier Delgado, who was visibly nervous, threatening him, telling him that something serious would happen to his family if he told what he had seen.

The investigating judge had given great credibility to the testimony of the minor, and considered that when the other suspects left the home to dispose of the body, Javier Delgado stayed at the home of León XIII “cleaning remains and footprints” at the scene of the crime .

Javier Delgado asked the judge to submit to a polygraph test to prove his innocence – a test that was rejected – and he even sent a letter to the media in which he accused his brother of having kept him “deceived” until the moment of his death. detention, since he had asked him up to three times if he was responsible for the death of Marta del Castillo.

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